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Veterans Will Be Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer
Men Will Die of Prostate Cancer in the US
Veterans with Prostate Cancer in the VHA System

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Prostate Cancer

​​​Prostate cancer is a form of cancer that develops in the prostate, a gland in the male reproductive system. Prostate cancer may cause pain, difficulty in urinating, problems during intercourse, or erectile dysfunction. Prostate Cancer is the second leading cancer killer of men next to lung cancer.

know the

Prostate Cancer is also known as a "Silent Disease," as there are very few symptoms related to the early stages. Information presented is to encourage men to be educated and tested. If you have prostate symptoms now, such as urgency to urinate, pain when you pass urine, blood in your urine, or trouble passing urine, see your doctor.

Know Your

Veterans over 40 years of age are encouraged to know their Prostate Specific Antigen “PSA” blood test value. The PSA is equally as important to as cholesterol or blood pressure. It is also important to know the change in the values from year to year. Knowing the benefits of prostate cancer screening allows for greater success in preventing and treating this disease


There are over 9 million Veterans who receive healthcare from the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). Over 500,000 Veterans are living with prostate cancer, and over 16,000 have a metastatic form of the disease. Its VPCa’s mission to educate the over 19 million Veterans in our country about the higher-than-normal risk of developing prostate cancer as a Veteran.

fighting prostate cancer with awareness & research

Veterans Prostate Cancer Awareness (VPCa) is dedicated to saving lives by promoting prostate cancer awareness, early detection, and providing educational resources to Veterans, active-duty military, and all men.
Our goals: 
  • Promote prostate cancer awareness & early detection among Veterans & Active Duty Military members.
    Educate Veterans on proper care and available treatment options when faced with a prostate cancer diagnosis.
    Improve Veteran access to specialty and oncology healthcare services and therapies through the VHA’s Community Care Network.
    Become a resource for Veterans, not only for prostate health but other Men’s Health conditions and empower Vets to become their own health advocates.


VPCa supports industry experts coming together to expand educational techniques, enhanced screening, and diagnosis technology to aid in the detection and treatment of prostate cancer. We also promote the latest technologies available for the treatment & cure of prostate cancer to health care providers.


The goal of VPCa is to create abundant resources for Veteran men to educate themselves on the importance of early screening, detection, and treatment options for prostate cancer. VPCa will also provide additional resources for families and caregivers to encourage early testing, assist in providing materials to explain the options for treating the disease.

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prostate cancer effects more than just the patient.

“Prostate Cancer is a relationship disease and affects your loved ones as much as it does you.”   |  Bing Crosby, CEO VPCa

The men diagnosed with prostate cancer aren’t the only ones affected by the disease.

The disease has a significant impact on those closest to them — most often their spouses, partners, and loved ones. Most partners take an active role in the patient’s journey though prostate cancer from screening, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Remember, your loved ones never asked for this disease either and it affects them as well.
Let’s start the conversation – early detection saves lives.

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